About eni lubricant

Eni S.p.A. is Italian multinational oil and gas company headquartered in Rome. Considered one of the global, it has operations in 79 countries, and is currently world’s 11th largest industrial company with a market capitalization of 68 billion euros US$ 90 billion), as of August 14, 2013. The Italian government owns a 30.303% in the company, 3.934% held through the state Treasury and 26.369% held through the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti. Another 2.012% of the shares are held by the People’s Bank of China.

The company is a component of the stock market index. The name “ENI” was initially the acronym of “Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi” (National Hydrocarbons Authority). Through the years after its foundation however, it operated in a large number of fields including contracting , nuclear power, energy, mining, chemicals and plastics, refining/extraction and distribution machinery, hospitality industry and eve textile industry and news.

About our values

Sustainability is the driving force in Eni’s unceasing quest for progress. It is essential to guarantee results and strengthen the company’s reputation and economic performance. We have always worked in partnership with producer countries, acknowledging the value of their resources not simply in economic terms but by providing tangible support for energy development. Technological innovation is fundamental to both achieving our objectives and laying the foundations for our future. Every day we go down new roads, each arrival merely a new starting point. We strive for efficiency in all our activities, using our high level of expertise and our financial and energy resources in the best ways possible. We champion the importance of culture in all its forms through real support for research, from universities to schools to the Arts. And because we are inspired by strong principles and values, we aim to guarantee correctness, transparency, honesty and integrity in all areas of our work – always complying with the highest legal standards and guidelines, nationally and globally.